Harbhajan Mann is a hugely talented Punjabi singer and actor who is rocking the Punjabi music scene. He became famous with his runaway success song “Husn Jawani” that reflects his extraordinary voice and amazing performance. Apart from phenomenal singing, he has also shown decent acting skills in movies like “Asa Nu Mann Watna Da”, “Jee Aayan Nu”, and Mera Pind,etc. He had revived the Punjabi-pop style that earned him massive fan following across the globe. His albums have registered huge sales throughout the country.

Famous Songs of Harbhajan Mann are as follows:

(1) Song : Jhanjhra Chhankdiyan

Album : Nazran Miliyan

Description : Harbhajan’s immense talent is reflected in the awe inspiring song. Harbhajan awesome voice and brilliant composition makes it favourites of Punjabi music fans.

Punjabi Singers – Harbhajan Mann (2) Song : Pindan Vichon Pind

Album : Mitti Wajaan Mardi

Description : Harbhajan had delivered the performance of the life time. Punjabi Music Industry admires this song with lots of respect for Harbhajan.

(3) Song : Meriya Dhola

Album : Mitti Wajaan Mardi

Description : Punjabi song was sung exceptionally well by the Harbhajan. The harmonious voice of Harbhajan is a real feast not only for the ears but also for the soul.

(4) Song : Chithiyan

Album : Mauj Mastian

Description : The extraordinary singing of Harbhajan creates lasting impression on the Punjabi audience. It is truly a great piece of music.

(5) Song : Akkhian Cg Tun Wasda

Album : Mauj Mastian

Description : Harbhajan reflects his command over diverse music forms. This Punjabi song is very entertaining and Harbhajan sang it effortlessly thereby proving his versatility in Punjabi playback singing.

(6) Song : Ucha Bol Na Boliye

Album : Mauj Mastian

Description : Harbhajan has sung this Punjabi song with great vigour and energy. Harbhajan ‘s mellow voice leaves its indelible impression on Punjabi listeners.

(7) Song : Gustakh Akhiyan

Album : Jag Jeondeyan De Mele

Description :. Harbhajan adds its own unique style making it very pleasant. This song is sung wonderfully by Harbhajan.

(8) Song : Rang Rangiya

Album : Jag Jeondeyan De Mele

Description : Harbhajan sang this song spiritedly considering Punjabi traditional theme.

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