Naseebo Lal is a versatile Punjabi pop singer whose songs have received huge appeal among the Punjabi audience. She has got expertise in singing variety of music such as remix, pop, sad, and punjabi singing. Naseebo Lal is multi talented personality who has released more than twenty five albums and establishes herself as the legendary Punjabi singer. Some of her famous albums include Aashiqon Ke Gham, Sajjan Rus Gaye, Tere Khat Parh Ke, Chotan Ishq Diyan, Kadi Te Has Bol Ve, Sajna Main Hari, etc.

Famous Songs of Naseebo Lal are as follows:

(1) Song : Kadi Te Has Bol

Album : Kadi Te Has Bol

Description : This Punjabi song is very entertaining and Naseebo Lal sang it beautifully. It has created records in Punjabi playback singing.

Naseebo Lal (2) Song : Ye Jo Sili Sili Aaundi Ae Hawa

Album : Ye Jo Sili Sili Aaundi Ae Hawa

Description : This Punjabi song of Naseebo Lal is very melodious and leaves its indelible impression in Punjabi listener’s mind.

(3) Song : Tere Hijr Tur Challe

Album : Tere Hijr Tur Challe

Description : This Punjabi song is sung wonderfully by Naseebo Lal . Punjabi track in their collection as all time Naseebo Lal great hits.

(4) Song : Mahia

Album : Mahia

Description : Naseebo Lal sang this Punjabi song spiritedly keeping in mind the theme of Punjabi culture. Naseebo Lal had put in lots of effort in this Punjabi song to ensure that song became world-class composition.

(5) Song : Rusiya Na Kar

Album : Rusiya Na Kar

Description : Naseebo Lal melodious voice spins its magic on the Punjabi fans. Punjabi Music Industry has been blessed with some of the Naseebo Lal’s timeless classics like this song.

(6) Song : Tere Khat Parh Ke

Album : Tere Khat Parh Ke

Description : Naseebo Lal got established as a legendary Punjabi Singer with this composition. This Punjabi song is wonderful in its reach among masses.

(7) Song : Naseeb Saade Likhe

Album : Naseeb Saade Likhe

Description : This Punjabi song is definitely among the greatest hits of Naseebo Lal . Even today this song of Naseebo Lal lifts the spirits truly high.

(8) Song : Dil Taan Pagal Hai

Album : Dil Taan Pagal Hai

Description : Naseebo Lal had delivered the world class performance and Naseebo Lal’s class act of playback singing renders it remarkable song.