Sad songs of Punjabi generate sympathy for the Punjabi people who struggle in their life. These Punjabi sad songs have immense melody and moving appeal. Punjabi sad songs got emotional appeal and they reflect the deep sentiments. Punjabi sad songs arrest the hearts of Punjabi music lovers instantaneously. Punjabi sad songs showcase a wide range of emotions and Punjabi audience got absorbed in their influence. The Punjabi sad songs exert profound influence on Punjabi music lovers.

Famous Punjabi Sad Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Sili Sili Aundi e hawa

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This Punjabi sad song effectively talks about the unspoken feelings. It’s a sensitive Punjabi song which leaves the listeners with moist eyes.

Punjabi Sad Songs (2) Song : Nain Naina Naal

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This Punjabi song is among the most tragic Punjabi songs ever composed. It was sung extremely well and creates a deep impression on Punjabi audience.

(3) Song : Sadi Jaan Te

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This sad song of Punjabi depicts the complexity in human relations. Punjabi artist has sung it intensely and Punjabi audience gets absorbed in the song.

(4) Song : Dukh Bol Ke Je Dasya

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This Punjabi song expresses the suffering of Punjabi lovers easily. It is remarkable Punjabi sad song which touches the soul and heart of the Punjabi audience.

(5) Song : Rehen de ni

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This intensity of this Punjabi sad song can make a person cry. Punjabi lyrics are rich in its content and feels extreme touchy.

(6) Song : Dila Meriya

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This is a heart wrenching sad Punjabi song. It is emotional in its spirit and essence. Punjabi audience can feel the pain in the song intensely.

(7) Song : Mumtaj

Album : Inderjit Nikku

Description : This Punjabi sad song instantly connects with the Punjabi audience. It has soulful nature and timeless appeal.

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