The rich diversity of Punjabi presents bright and effervescent life colors. Punjabi Folk music strikes the chord easily with the common Punjabi people. Folk songs of Punjabi language is a journey into lifestyle and culture of Punjabi people. The rich diversity of Punjabi presents bright and effervescent life colors. Punjabi Folk Artists hail typically from the rural Punjabi regions. Many Punjabi folk songs present social and cultural issues.

Famous Punjabi Folk songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Umraan Langheean Pabhaan Phaar

Album : Asad Amanat Ali Khan

Description : It is a beautiful Punjabi song that possesses remarkable cultural values. Punjabi instruments used are famous and truly miraculous. Punjabi folk song is exceptionally melodious from its core.

Punjabi Folk songs (2) Song : Farida Main Janya Dukh Mujhko

Album : Jagjit Singh

Description :It is a folk song that lefts the Punjabi audience completely absorbed in it. The Powerful Punjabi instruments are used during its composition and Punjabi vocals are exemplary.

(3) Song : Be Dard Dhola AiwaiN NaeeN Kari Da

Album : Mansoor Malangi

Description : This Punjabi folk song talks about life of the Punjabi’s people. This Punjabi song is heartwarming at its base and Punjabi artist pierces the listener’s heart with this composition.

(4) Song : Menu AnbaR Jo Akhdee Katdi

Album : Hamid Ali Bela

Description : This Punjabi song has a worldwide appeal and it depicts the Punjabi culture and its beautiful colors. Punjabi singer had given intense performance with awesome modulations.

(5) Song : Sabhh Sukh Data Ram Hai

Album : Jagjit Singh

Description : This Punjabi Folk song represents the people culture from its core. This Punjabi folk track encompasses the conventional elements.

(6) Song : Hun Beeryan Noon Ker Le Bund Ni

Album : Inayat Hussain Bhatti

Description : This folk song graces the many Punjabi festivities even after so many years. This Punjabi song transcends time and space alike. The Punjabi artist had sung it wonderfully.

(7) Song : Alif Allah Chambe Di Booti

Album : Alam Lohar

Description : This folk song marks the rich Punjabi cultural history and touches the Punjabi audience with its cultural roots. Punjabi lyrics are wholesome and poignant in its nature.

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