These Punjabi songs create lifetime memories of one’s childhood. Punjabi birthday songs create an environment of happiness. Punjabi Birthday Songs express the enthusiasm and thrill of one’s birthday. These Punjabi songs are harmonious and fun filled at the core. Punjabi culture is rich in many remarkable Punjabi Birthday songs. Punjabi audience appreciates these songs and thus Punjabi Birthday songs hugely popular.

Famous Punjabi Birthday Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Saadi Gudiya Da Happy Birthday

Album : Dev Raj Anand

Description : This birthday song of Punjabi language sets the tone of festivity and jubilation. Punjabi singer has sung this song heartily.

Punjabi Birthday Songs (2) Song : Janamdin

Album : Loud N Proud (2006)

Description : This Punjabi birthday song encompasses the elements of laughter, fun and frolic. Punjabi audience makes the birthday unforgettable with this track.

(3) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : At The Front Line

Description : This Birthday song is among the Punjabi classics and offers Punjabi audience a distinct flavor of adventure.

(4) Song : Janam Din Diyan Wadiyan

Album : K S Bhamrah

Description : This Punjabi birthday song is highly energetic and rocking song. The Punjabi kids get immersed in the party mood and Punjabi singer had delivered a extraordinary performance.

(5) Song : Sau Baar Mubarak Tenu

Album : Amar Arshi

Description : This Punjabi song reminds the listener of sweet birthday’s memories. This Punjabi birthday song adds grace the Birthday beautifully.

(6) Song : Janam Din Sajde Ne Sajna Naal

Album : Dippa Satrang

Description : This Punjabi Birthday song is heart-warming and offers Punjabi kids the heartwarming message with fun and excitement.

(7) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Chah Da Cup 2

Description : This Punjabi culture reflects the youthful appeal and this Punjabi birthday song is among the exceptional birthday songs composed so far

(7) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Drum N Dhol

Description : This Punjabi birthday song is very catchy. Punjabi listeners got compelled to dance and celebrate childhood memories.

(8) Song : Ghadi Yeh Khushiyan Wali Aai

Album : Sardara & Gill

Description : This Punjabi Birthday song involves the people to great extent. Punjabi lyrics are very fashionable and strike the chord with Punjabi listeners instantly. This Punjabi song emulates the spirit of youth within everyone.

(10) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Fire – Pyar Hogaya

Description: This Punjabi birthday offers ultimate way of celebrating Birthday. This Punjabi song energizes the birthday scene completely.