Punjabi Bhangra are enjoyable and offer great fervor and energy. Punjabi Bhangra comprises of wide variety of Punjabi dance forms. Dancing Punjabi songs are full of vigor and excitement. These Punjabi songs rock the dance floor and force Punjabi audience to shake their bodies on foot-tapping music. Dancing songs of Punjabi language incorporates blending of fast music and beats. Punjabi audience follows the Punjabi Bhangra passionately.

Famous Punjabi Bhangra Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Dhol Jageero Da

Album : PMC

Description: This Bhangra Punjabi song is truly pleasing and is a big hit at Punjabi music scenario. This song is among the top Punjabi Bhangra. This Punjabi dance track produces rocking effect.

Bhangra Songs (2) Song : das ja

Album : dj sanj

Description: This Punjabi Bhangra track is purely sensational with wonderful Punjabi lyrics. This Punjabi dance track inspires the audience.

(3) Song : ranjha

Album : bally jagpal

Description: This Bhangra track has powerful Punjabi beats and exceptional choreography. Punjabi lyrics are stylish and easy to rehearse.

(4) Song : Kanthe Wala

Album : Kamal Heer

Description: The lyrics of the Punjabi song are very innovative and this Punjabi Bhangra track is a big hit among the Punjabi dancers.

(5) Song : Apna Punjab

Album : Gurdas Mann

Description: This Bhangra Punjabi song touches the listener’s mind and body effectively. Punjabi music matches the captivating lyrics. This Punjabi Bhangra track can be found reverberating at discotheques.

(6) Song : Oye Hoye

Album : Harbhajan Mann

Description: It is a rocking Punjabi song that makes up for amazing Punjabi dance choreography. It has got lovely Punjabi beats and its striking vocals add to its beauty.

(7) Song : unda da influence

Album : dr zeus

Description: This Punjabi Bhangra tracks sets the stage on fire. This Punjabi dance song is composed vividly and its emphasis on Punjabi traditional instruments enhances its magical effect.

(8) Song : Ranglay Punjab Diyaan

Album : Mehsopuria

Description: This Punjabi song was an all time hit Punjabi Bhangra song. It makes the Punjabi audience dance to its beats at festivities. This Punjabi lovely track is supported by wonderful vocals