Punjabi Wedding Songs

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Punjabi wedding Song imbibes the emotional wedding theme brilliantly. It creates the perfect Punjabi wedding atmosphere for these festivities. Punjabi wedding songs have an exclusive place in each Punjabi wedding. Wedding songs of the Punjabi provides ways for enjoying the pleasure of Punjabi’s wedding. Punjabi songs showcase the inner emotions of Punjabi bride as well as groom delightfully. Punjabi songs showcase the inner emotions of Punjabi bride as well as groom delightfully.

Famous Punjabi Wedding Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Kudma Kalirhakyon Aayin

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : This is an incredible Punjabi wedding song. It talks about elation among Punjabi families on the propitious occasion of wedding. This Punjabi song generates memories of the Punjabi wedding.

Punjabi Wedding Songs (2) Song : Surma Vikna Aaya Ni

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : This Wedding song has vital place in psyche of Punjabi audience. It offers the suitable treatment for gracing the Punjabi wedding.

(3) Song : Suno Ve Pind Deyo (Gwandio)

Album : Various Women/Ladies Boliyan

Description : This Punjabi wedding song offers the ideal way of rejoicing the Punjabi wedding.

(4) Song : Vehra Shagna Da

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : This wedding song makes the Punjabi wedding outstanding with its mass appeal and relentless charm. This Punjabi song is superb and harmonious in its meaning.

(5) Song : Ghori Chariah

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : It is a magnificent Punjabi song that evokes the feeling of love and joy. Punjabi lyrics are rich that go together with the beats. Punjabi wedding emotions are magically absorbed in this song.

(6) Song : Shawa Ni Hun Jago Aye

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : This wedding song is idyllic for depicting the Punjabi wedding culture and its amazing resonance among Punjabi people.

(7) Song : Bari Barsi

Album : Various Women/Ladies Boliyan

Description : This wedding song is essential played in each Punjabi wedding. It relates to the unspoken feelings among the Punjabi couples.

(8) Song : Main Challi Pia Pakre

Album : Punjabi Wedding Songs Vol – 1

Description : This is an extraordinary Punjabi wedding song. It tempts the Punjabi listeners to play the song repeatedly. This Punjabi song does justify the wedding’s theme perfectly.


Punjabi Sad Songs

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Sad songs of Punjabi generate sympathy for the Punjabi people who struggle in their life. These Punjabi sad songs have immense melody and moving appeal. Punjabi sad songs got emotional appeal and they reflect the deep sentiments. Punjabi sad songs arrest the hearts of Punjabi music lovers instantaneously. Punjabi sad songs showcase a wide range of emotions and Punjabi audience got absorbed in their influence. The Punjabi sad songs exert profound influence on Punjabi music lovers.

Famous Punjabi Sad Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Sili Sili Aundi e hawa

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This Punjabi sad song effectively talks about the unspoken feelings. It’s a sensitive Punjabi song which leaves the listeners with moist eyes.

Punjabi Sad Songs (2) Song : Nain Naina Naal

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This Punjabi song is among the most tragic Punjabi songs ever composed. It was sung extremely well and creates a deep impression on Punjabi audience.

(3) Song : Sadi Jaan Te

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This sad song of Punjabi depicts the complexity in human relations. Punjabi artist has sung it intensely and Punjabi audience gets absorbed in the song.

(4) Song : Dukh Bol Ke Je Dasya

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This Punjabi song expresses the suffering of Punjabi lovers easily. It is remarkable Punjabi sad song which touches the soul and heart of the Punjabi audience.

(5) Song : Rehen de ni

Album : hans raj hans

Description : This intensity of this Punjabi sad song can make a person cry. Punjabi lyrics are rich in its content and feels extreme touchy.

(6) Song : Dila Meriya

Album : Nachhatar

Description : This is a heart wrenching sad Punjabi song. It is emotional in its spirit and essence. Punjabi audience can feel the pain in the song intensely.

(7) Song : Mumtaj

Album : Inderjit Nikku

Description : This Punjabi sad song instantly connects with the Punjabi audience. It has soulful nature and timeless appeal.


Punjabi Romantic Songs

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Punjabi love songs are exceptionally emotional and deeply rooted. These Punjabi songs are communicative and touching. Punjabi Romantic songs talks about the wonderful feelings of romance. Punjabi love songs make the heart jump with joy. Love songs of Punjabi express openness of love between couples. Punjabi love songs exhibits the sensual and lively feelings.

Famous Punjabi Romantic Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Je Jatt Bigare Gaye

Album : Lehmber

Description : This love song of Punjabi language conveys the feeling of intimacy. This Punjabi love song touching the heart of Punjabi listeners tenderly.

Punjabi Romantic Songs (2) Song : tere naal

Album : ks bhamras

Description : Punjabi audiences are likely to fall in love with this Punjabi romantic composition. It candidly expresses the beauty of expressing Punjabi love.

(3) Song : tere meri gal ban jaye

Album : silinder pardesi

Description : It is a remarkable Punjabi composition that depicts Punjabi love as the essence of life. This melodious Punjabi song conveys the feelings of real love.

(4) Song : Leh meri teri hun gay ya ho soniya

Album : yaara naal bahaara

Description: This romantic Punjabi song talks about the soft feelings of love. Punjabi lovers convey the unconditional Punjabi love by singing this song.

(5) Song : Rite id go wiv ashiq tera

Album : A.S. kang

Description : This Punjabi love song allows the Punjabi people to express their love. This Punjabi love song is a big hit among the Punjabi couples. It is heart-warming Punjabi love composition.

(6) Song : Dil Tera He Deedar Mangda

Album : Gurswek Soni

Description : This romantic song of Punjabi language showcases the awesome feelings of love and affection. Punjabi audience experiences the miraculous moments of love life.

(7) Song : Teri Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Album : Mohammed Rafi & Asha Bhosle

Description : This romantic Punjabi song causes the intimate feelings of love . Punjabi music industry is blessed with this awesome romantic composition.

(8) Song : Kina Sona Tenu Rab Ne Baniya

Album : Gunjan

Description : This Punjabi romantic track possesses a romantic appeal and Punjabi listeners got swayed away by its emotional appeal.


Punjabi Old Songs

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These old Punjabi songs maintain their mass appeal everywhere they are played. Punjabi old songs are powerful in their expression. Old Punjabi songs have effortless charm and melody that keeps the Punjabi listeners addicted to them even today. Punjabi lyrics are meaningful and rich in content. Old songs of Punjabi offer timeless and heart-warming music. Punjabi old music expresses the emotions of characters intensely.

Famous Punjabi Old songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Boliyan

Album : Didar Sandhu & Amar Noori

Description : This Punjabi song is melodious with superb Punjabi lyrics. The Punjabi Music lover just cannot resist playing it frequently.

Punjabi Old Songs (2) Song : Main Chori Di Bottle

Album : Chamkila & Amarjot

Description : This Punjabi song was sung with great fervor by Punjabi singers. This Punjabi song is terrific in its reach among the masses.

(3) Song : Mainu Taan Khatra Jape

Album : Bhaktriwala & Daljit Kaur

Description : This Punjabi song captures the audience’s mindset and offers the touch of Punjabi mesmerizing musical legacy. Punjabi Music lovers gets enthralled and listen to it enrapt attention.

(4) Song : Nachna Te Hun Nachle

Album : Mohammed Sadiq

Description : This song is an outstanding Punjabi song that retains its timeless charm. Punjabi Music Industry is proud to be blessed with such timeless classics.

(5) Song : Canada Walea

Album : Amrik Toffan

Description : This old Punjabi song is very compelling and enthralls the audience effortlessly. This old Punjabi song is regarded as the all time best Punjabi songs.

(6) Song : Lut Lai Tu Jindri

Album : Didar Sandhu & Surinder Kaur

Description : This Punjabi song was composed by using the theme of Punjabi culture. This song exhibits massive Punjabi fan following and is easily among the chartbusters of the olden times.

(7) Song : Dooja Fikar Kamai Da

Album : Bhaktriwala & Daljit Kaur

Description : This Punjabi song is easily among the supreme hits of old times. It reflects the vivacious and lively appeal of Punjabi Music.

(8) Song : Cham Cham Nachi Phiran

Album : Channi Singh

Description : This Punjabi song was sung wonderfully and displays exceptional style of Punjabi Music. It is charming and pleasing to ears.


Punjabi Gidda Songs

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Punjabi Gidda dance is truly entertaining and offer great fervour and energy. Punjabi Gidda comprises of wide variety of Punjabi dance forms. Dancing Punjabi songs are full of vigour and excitement. These Punjabi songs rock the dance floor and force Punjabi audience to shake their bodies on foot-tapping music. Dancing songs of Punjabi language incorporates blending of fast music and beats. Punjabi audience follows the Punjabi Gidda passionately.

Famous Punjabi Gidda Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Pani War Ke

Album : Rajni(Mehndiyan)

Description: This Gidda Punjabi song is truly pleasing and is a big hit at Punjabi music scenario. This song is among the top Punjabi Gidda. This Punjabi dance track produces rocking effect.

Punjabi Gidda Songs (2) Song : Boliyan Giddha

Album : Babal Da Vehr

Description: This Punjabi Gidda track is purely sensational with wonderful Punjabi lyrics. This Punjabi dance track inspires the audience.

(3) Song : Nikki-Nikki Kani

Album : Suhi Phulkari

Description: This Gidda track has powerful Punjabi beats and exceptional choreography. Punjabi lyrics are stylish and easy to rehearse.

(4) Song : Boli Pale Re

Album : Billori Akh

Description: The lyrics of the Punjabi song are very innovative and this Punjabi Gidda track is a big hit among the Punjabi dancers.

(5) Song : Mehndiyan

Album : Rajni(Mehndiyan)

Description: This Gidda Punjabi song touches the listener’s mind and body effectively. Punjabi music matches the captivating lyrics. This Punjabi Gidda track can be found reverberating at discotheques.

(6) Song : Jaago

Album : Pardes

Description: It is a rocking Punjabi song that makes up for amazing Punjabi dance choreography. It has got lovely Punjabi beats and its striking vocals add to its beauty.

(7) Song : Long Da Lishkara

Album : Terian Mohaba

Description: This Punjabi Gidda tracks sets the stage on fire. This Punjabi dance song is composed vividly and its emphasis on Punjabi traditional instruments enhances its magical effect.

(8) Song : Punjaban Jattian

Album : Dil De Badle

Description: This Punjabi song was an all time hit Punjabi Gidda song. It makes the Punjabi audience dance to its beats at festivities. This Punjabi lovely track is supported by wonderful vocals


Punjabi Devotional Songs

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Devotional Punjabi songs produce impresses the Punjabi listener’s heart almost instantly. Punjabi tradition incorporates calm and poignant songs. Devotional Songs of Punjabi language exhibits spirituality and calmness. Punjabi devotional songs have immense power for transforming people’s life. Punjabi songs Devotion enlighten the heart of people. Punjabi songs generates spiritual aura in the environment.

Famous Punjabi Devotional Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Dhan So Des Jahan To Waseya

Album : Bhai Sumund Singh Ragi

Description : This divine song captivates the Punjabi audience by its absolute class and composition. This Punjabi song has soothing touch and its Punjabi devotional music calms the listeners.

Punjabi Devotional Songs (2) Song : Janam Janam Bharmat Phiryo

Album : Mohd Rafi & Neelam Sahani

Description : It is a classic Punjabi devotional song that echoes in the Punjabi listener’s soul. This Punjabi devotional song generates the powerful influence on Lang audience.

(3) Song : Beet Jai Hai

Album : Manna Dey

Description : It is a characteristic Punjabi devotional song for enlighten the Punjabi audience. This Punjabi song makes the audience more aware of their surroundings.

(4) Song : Jo Mange Thakr Apne Te

Album : Bhai Surjan Singh Ragi & Party

Description : This devotional song of Punjabi is inspiring and spreads good learning to the Punjabi audience. This Punjabi song is extremely spiritual at its core.

(5) Song : Lakh Khushian Patshahian

Album : Bhai Gopal Singh Ragi

Description : It is a spiritual Punjabi song that spells its magical influence on Punjabi audience.

(6) Song : Mere Saheba Mere Saheba

Album : Bhai Tarlochan Singh Rag

Description : This divine Punjabi song is idyllic for Punjabi people for offering their prayer to God. This Punjabi song is essentially soulful and appealing.

(7) Song : Eh Jag Meet Na Dekho Koi

Album : Surinder Kaur & Ajit Kaur

Description : This devotional Punjabi song cleanses the Punjabi listener’s soul. It helps Punjabi audience to remove all the external obstacles.

(8) Song : Tilak Janju Rakha Prabh Taka

Album : Bhai Devender Singh Ragi

Description : Devotional Punjabi songs provide meaning in the life of person. This Punjabi song relieves the tension and acts as stress buster.


Punjabi Patriotic Songs

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These Punjabi songs convey the message of peace and harmony. Punjabi audience gets inspired for performing to serve the nation cause. Patriotic songs of Punjabi language evoke the extreme emotions of nationalism. Punjabi Patriotic songs nurture unity among the public. Punjabi lyrics are motivating with Punjabi listeners get compelled to do their duties conscientiously. These Punjabi songs inculcate the sense of patriotism in the listeners.

Famous Punjabi Patriotic Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Sardar Udham Singh

Album : Mera rang de basanti chola – patriotic songs

Description : This patriotic Punjabi song inspires the listeners and Punjabi audience gets imbibed with the spirit of patriotism.

Punjabi Patriotic Songs (2) Song : Lakh Pardesi

Album : Gurdass Mann

Description : This Punjabi song struck a chord with listeners instantly. Punjabi lyrics are exceptionally touchy and moving.

(3) Song : Rasta Naa Rokk Bhainji

Album : Jagowala Jatha

Description : This song moves the Punjabi audience effortlessly with its charming composition. Punjabi lyrics are artistic and meaningful.

(4) Song : Mere Desh Di Kismat Jaag Pai

Album : Mera rang de basanti chola – patriotic songs

Description : This Punjabi song makes the Punjabi citizens responsible towards their nation. Patriotic Punjabi theme encompasses the song from start to end.

(5) Song : Mere Veer Bhagat Singh Ne

Album : Mera rang de basanti chola – patriotic songs

Description : This is the best Punjabi nationalistic songs of all times. This Punjabi song instills the spirit of patriotism and motivates Punjabi audience to overcome all the obstacles.

(6) Song : Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Album : Mera rang de basanti chola – patriotic songs

Description : Listening to this Punjabi song generates motivation and feeling of proud. This Punjabi song details the rich cultural values of country.

(7) Song : Aao Hindiyo

Album : Aao Hindiyo – Janmabhoomi Meri Pyari

Description : This Punjabi song showcases high voltage energy and Punjabi people get swayed by feeling of patriotism. This Punjabi masterpiece song spun magic with its awesome lyrics.

(8) Song : Tu Dharti Da Lal

Album : Mera rang de basanti chola – patriotic songs

Description : It is a breathtaking Punjabi song with superb composition. This Punjabi song awakens the citizen’s soul. Punjabi culture encourages the feeling of harmony and unity.


Punjabi Birthday Songs

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These Punjabi songs create lifetime memories of one’s childhood. Punjabi birthday songs create an environment of happiness. Punjabi Birthday Songs express the enthusiasm and thrill of one’s birthday. These Punjabi songs are harmonious and fun filled at the core. Punjabi culture is rich in many remarkable Punjabi Birthday songs. Punjabi audience appreciates these songs and thus Punjabi Birthday songs hugely popular.

Famous Punjabi Birthday Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Saadi Gudiya Da Happy Birthday

Album : Dev Raj Anand

Description : This birthday song of Punjabi language sets the tone of festivity and jubilation. Punjabi singer has sung this song heartily.

Punjabi Birthday Songs (2) Song : Janamdin

Album : Loud N Proud (2006)

Description : This Punjabi birthday song encompasses the elements of laughter, fun and frolic. Punjabi audience makes the birthday unforgettable with this track.

(3) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : At The Front Line

Description : This Birthday song is among the Punjabi classics and offers Punjabi audience a distinct flavor of adventure.

(4) Song : Janam Din Diyan Wadiyan

Album : K S Bhamrah

Description : This Punjabi birthday song is highly energetic and rocking song. The Punjabi kids get immersed in the party mood and Punjabi singer had delivered a extraordinary performance.

(5) Song : Sau Baar Mubarak Tenu

Album : Amar Arshi

Description : This Punjabi song reminds the listener of sweet birthday’s memories. This Punjabi birthday song adds grace the Birthday beautifully.

(6) Song : Janam Din Sajde Ne Sajna Naal

Album : Dippa Satrang

Description : This Punjabi Birthday song is heart-warming and offers Punjabi kids the heartwarming message with fun and excitement.

(7) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Chah Da Cup 2

Description : This Punjabi culture reflects the youthful appeal and this Punjabi birthday song is among the exceptional birthday songs composed so far

(7) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Drum N Dhol

Description : This Punjabi birthday song is very catchy. Punjabi listeners got compelled to dance and celebrate childhood memories.

(8) Song : Ghadi Yeh Khushiyan Wali Aai

Album : Sardara & Gill

Description : This Punjabi Birthday song involves the people to great extent. Punjabi lyrics are very fashionable and strike the chord with Punjabi listeners instantly. This Punjabi song emulates the spirit of youth within everyone.

(10) Song : Happy Birthday

Album : Fire – Pyar Hogaya

Description: This Punjabi birthday offers ultimate way of celebrating Birthday. This Punjabi song energizes the birthday scene completely.


Latest Punjabi Songs

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Latest Punjabi songs reflect the variation in its essence and zest. Some of the Punjabi songs are extremely fashionable and others are entirely classical. Punjabi latest songs reflect the blend of varied cultures. Punjabi musical tradition had witnessed the western influence in its Punjabi classical and traditional compositions. Punjabi singers have hugely contributed for the renaissance of Punjabi music. Punjabi artists have openly experimented with diverse music forms.

Famous latest Punjabi Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Duppata Tera Satrang Da

Album : Surjit bindrakhia

Description : This Punjabi song is the characteristic of Punjabi rich culture. This awesome piece of Punjabi music takes the audience by pleasant surprise.

Latest Punjabi Songs (2) Song : Dhol Jageero Da

Album : Punjabi MC

Description : This Punjabi song exhibits far reaching influence on Punjabi Music fans. This song has rocked Punjabi Music scene with its power packed performance.

(3) Song : Chham Chham Roun Akhiyaan

Album : Hans Raj Hans

Description : This Punjabi song is the hallmark of great Punjabi music culture. This amazing Punjabi composition is really riveting and striking.

(4) Song : Aaja Gide Vich

Album : Stereo Nation – Taz

Description : This Punjabi song is exceptional heartwarming and connects with Punjabi Audience instantly. The Punjabi singer has taken this phenomenal song to next level.

(5) Song : Dil Di Gali

Album : Sukshinder Shinda

Description : This Punjabi song has great appeal and charm. Punjabi lyrics go well with the theme of the Punjabi culture. This Punjabi song creates the cheerful mood amid the Punjabi Audience.

(6) Song : Kamleerave

Album : Amarjit

Description : This song highlights the Punjabi cultural theme from its core. This Punjabi song‘s lyrics are meaningful and Punjabi artist has performed remarkably well.

(7) Song : Daroo – Dil Phases

Album : Sukhwinder Shinda

Description : This masterpiece Punjabi song showcases the faultless performance of Punjabi singers. This song has rocked the music charts for numerous weeks.

(8) Song : Main Tera Oh lagda

Album : Hans Raj Hans

Description : This Punjabi song was composed with great melody and Punjabi music fans simply get swayed away by its captivating voice.


Punjabi Folk songs

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The rich diversity of Punjabi presents bright and effervescent life colors. Punjabi Folk music strikes the chord easily with the common Punjabi people. Folk songs of Punjabi language is a journey into lifestyle and culture of Punjabi people. The rich diversity of Punjabi presents bright and effervescent life colors. Punjabi Folk Artists hail typically from the rural Punjabi regions. Many Punjabi folk songs present social and cultural issues.

Famous Punjabi Folk songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Umraan Langheean Pabhaan Phaar

Album : Asad Amanat Ali Khan

Description : It is a beautiful Punjabi song that possesses remarkable cultural values. Punjabi instruments used are famous and truly miraculous. Punjabi folk song is exceptionally melodious from its core.

Punjabi Folk songs (2) Song : Farida Main Janya Dukh Mujhko

Album : Jagjit Singh

Description :It is a folk song that lefts the Punjabi audience completely absorbed in it. The Powerful Punjabi instruments are used during its composition and Punjabi vocals are exemplary.

(3) Song : Be Dard Dhola AiwaiN NaeeN Kari Da

Album : Mansoor Malangi

Description : This Punjabi folk song talks about life of the Punjabi’s people. This Punjabi song is heartwarming at its base and Punjabi artist pierces the listener’s heart with this composition.

(4) Song : Menu AnbaR Jo Akhdee Katdi

Album : Hamid Ali Bela

Description : This Punjabi song has a worldwide appeal and it depicts the Punjabi culture and its beautiful colors. Punjabi singer had given intense performance with awesome modulations.

(5) Song : Sabhh Sukh Data Ram Hai

Album : Jagjit Singh

Description : This Punjabi Folk song represents the people culture from its core. This Punjabi folk track encompasses the conventional elements.

(6) Song : Hun Beeryan Noon Ker Le Bund Ni

Album : Inayat Hussain Bhatti

Description : This folk song graces the many Punjabi festivities even after so many years. This Punjabi song transcends time and space alike. The Punjabi artist had sung it wonderfully.

(7) Song : Alif Allah Chambe Di Booti

Album : Alam Lohar

Description : This folk song marks the rich Punjabi cultural history and touches the Punjabi audience with its cultural roots. Punjabi lyrics are wholesome and poignant in its nature.